Parents Corner

Morning Arrivals

Breakfast starts at 7:30 am.

School hours is from 8:00 am - 2:20 pm. Students are late as of 8:01am.

Afternoon Dismissal & After School Program

  • Y After School program will begin for students in 3K- Grade 5 on September 11, 2023.
  • Hours: 2:20 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Dismissal is at Exit 1. Adults picking up students may enter the building with photo identification to sign students out at the School Safety Agent Desk.
  • Snack will be served. Students may bring their own snack.
  • The program runs every day school is open for students.
  •  Payment is due to the after school staff.

NYC School Account (NYCSA)

 screenshot of the main webpage for NYCSA  

The new NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) Portal will allow you to:

  • See your students grades, test scores and more in My Student
  • Take classes in Parent University
  • Report bullying
  • Access forms for your child
  • Reset your child's DOE account password
  • Access SupportHub

All with one login!

NYCSA Account Set Up Guide for Parents

Did you know that you can track your child’s education on any computer, phone, or tablet? You can sign up for an account by entering a few basic details. This will allow you to begin receiving notifications from the DOE. It only takes five minutes, and it is the first step in getting a full account.


What is a NYC Schools Account?

NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) is a DOE application that lets you access important information about your child on any device. The website is accessible in nine languages.

Why is the NYC Schools Account important?

The NYC Schools Account allows you to view your child’s grades, report cards, attendance history, test scores, transportation information, IEP information, submit COVID consent forms, track your child’s progress to graduation, and more to come!

Let’s get you signed-up for your NYC Schools Account.


Follow the steps below:

  1. Visit Use the dropdown box to choose your home language to be displayed on the screen.


NYC School account log in page with translations drop down menu

  1. Click "Create Account".

NYC schools page with create account option highlighted with red circle

  1. Enter your name, cell phone number, and email, then click the “Validate Email” button.

Create account page with information block squared in “red”

  1. Check your email for a message from for the 6-digit code.

Verification Number page

  1. Enter the code into the “Email Verification Number” box. Then click “Submit”.

Information page with “email verification number” box squared in red

  1. Create a password following the guidelines.

Create password page

  1. Select three security questions and provide answers. Be sure to write your Password and Answers to the Security Questions down and secure them in a familiar place.

Security questions page

  1. If you do not have your child’s Student ID # (OSIS) and Account Creation Code, you may click “Continue Without Code”. Your Parent Coordinator will follow up with you to provide this information.

Add Student ID number page with “Continue without Code” squared in red

  1. Enter each child’s Student ID # (OSIS). You can also find the number on any report card or by contacting your Parent Coordinator.

Add Students ID page with “Student ID#” squared in red

  1. Enter your Account Creation Code provided by your Parent Coordinator (via email). Then click on “Create Account”.

Add Students page with “Account Creation Code” squared in red

  1. Congratulations! You have successfully created your account!

Account successfully created, confirmation page

  1. Sign in to begin using your account and view your child’s information.

NYC Schools Account Landing page with tabs for mystudent, forms to report bulying NYC Schools Account page it shows tabs for attendance, test scares, emergency contacts, IEPs


School Uniforms & Spirit Wear

 Kids Place Uniforms

 1st place spiritwear


PS 68 is a mandatory uniform school. Uniforms are to be worn each day unless otherwise announced for special celebrations and trips. Our uniforms are available at Kids Place located at Forest Avenue Shoppers Town 1541 Forest Avenue, (718) 720-8100.


Students may wear any combination of the following:

  • Khaki bottoms (pants, skorts, jumpers, or shorts)
  • Navy polo shirts with PS 68 logo
  • Navy sweatpants (gym)
  • Navy or white t-shirt with PS 68 logo (gym)


Uniform Swap Shop: Donations of used, clean uniforms your child has outgrown are accepted for swap. If you are in need of a uniform, please contact the school. 


Appropriate Recess Attire: Students play in outdoor recess daily through all seasons. It is important your child has appropriate outerwear, clothing and shoes. Open-toed shoes are not permitted at school at any time. You will be contacted to bring safe shoes to school for recess and/or physical activities.

Physical Education/Activity: Students will participate in daily physical activities. Sneakers are the safest shoe wear. You will receive your child’s Physical Education schedule at the start of the school year. Gym uniforms and sneakers are to be worn on the days of Physical Education.



Shop online-1st Place Spiritwear     students hand paintings and parents in the background

students with safety agents 


Transportation Overview

 NYC DOE yellow bus 

NYC School Bus App

Introducing the city's new way to track your child's bus rides to and from school.

The Department of Education is modernizing our school transportation system, providing greater transparency for caregivers and schools, and improving bus routing efficiency.

Get started by setting up a NYCSA account

Your NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) is your gateway to support and track your children's progress—grades, attendance, and now transportation.

Already have a NYCSA account? Download the NYC School Bus App


NYC School Bus app in an app store

Visit your app store from your mobile device:

Download the NYC Bus App from your mobile device


How to use the NYC School Bus App

NYC Bus App - Login to the app

1. Login to the app with your NYCSA account. Please contact your child's school if you need help with NYCSA credentials.

NYC Bus App - Select the child

2. Select the child you'd like to track.

NYC Bus App - Follow your child's bus

3. Follow your child's bus. If your child's bus does not appear, the driver has not yet logged in to the app.

Transportation Updates

See what's new in student transportation for this school year.

Transportation Information

In accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation A-801 (see below for regulation with translations) , the DOE provides transportation to all eligible New York City students in public, charter, and non-public schools. In partnership with the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and our school age and preschool bus companies, our mission is to ensure safe and reliable transportation to and from school.

See Transportation Rights for what you and your child can expect from DOE transportation services.

See Transportation Guide for a summarized introduction to transportation options, eligibility, and more.

DOE Website

 NYC DOE logo 

We Speak Your Language

Visit the DOE's We Speak Your Language page on this website

School Meals

Feed your mind logo

School Meals

Students attending school in person will be offered free breakfast and lunch daily in school. Please contact your school for more information on meal times and locations.

Support School Funding

You do not need to apply for your child to receive meals. However, we do ask families to complete Family Income Inquiry Form, which helps schools receive money for their programs. Your school will send a copy of this form home with your child, or you can get it from your school’s main office.


We want to ensure that your child receives the best care possible while at school. We take allergies, food safety, and student health very seriously. We cannot guarantee a nut, milk or “allergen-free” environment, but we do have an “allergen aware” policy. Your child is less likely to be exposed to allergens at school when we work together to create a management plan for your child. Please visit our page on allergies to learn more about how we ensure that your child receives the best care possible while at school.

Download the School Food App

The app is available for Android and iOS. You can use the app to view menus and submit reviews.

Contact Us

For more information about our menus, nutrition information, programs, questions or comments email us at

2024 NYC Public School Admissions Guide

 2024 NYC Public Schools admission guide front cover 

2024 NYC Public Schools Admissions Guide

View or download the 2024 NYC Public School Admissions Guide in your language!

  • This book provides an overview of admissions processes and resources for EarlyLearn (childcare for eligible families), 3-K, pre-K, kindergarten, middle school, and high school, including a section on how to use MySchools.
  • Print copies will be available in 10 languages at schools, early childhood programs, libraries, and other sites soon. 

Enroll Grade by Grade

MySchools is an online directory of NYC public schools and programs, as well as an application system for families. During 3-K, Pre-K, Kindergarten, Gifted and Talented (G&T), middle school, or high school admissions, create a MySchools account to explore schools, apply, join waitlists, and get your offer.

Fall 2024 Admissions Timeline*

Below are the application open, close, and offer release dates for each of the admissions processes. These dates are for students who are applying during the 2023-2024 school year for admission in the 2024-2025 school year.

*Please note: These dates are subject to change. Any changes will be announced and communicated directly to families. Sign up for updates here.

High School Admissions

  • Tuesday, October 3, 2023: High School Application & Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) Registration Opens 
  • Friday, October 27, 2023: SHSAT Registration Closes 
  • Wednesday, November 8, 2023SHSAT School Day Testing 
  • Friday, December 1, 2023High School Application Closes 
  • Thursday, March 7, 2024: High School Offer Release 

Middle School Admissions

  • Wednesday, October 11, 2023: Middle School Application Opens 
  • Friday, December 8, 2023Middle School Application Closes 
  • Wednesday, April 3, 2024Middle School Offer Release 

Kindergarten (and Kindergarten Gifted & Talented) Admissions

  • Tuesday, December 5, 2023: Kindergarten and Kindergarten G&T Application Opens 
  • Friday, January 19, 2024: Kindergarten and Kindergarten G&T Application Closes 
  • Wednesday, March 27, 2024: Kindergarten and Kindergarten G&T Offer Release

3-K and Pre-K Admissions

  • Wednesday, January 10, 2024: 3-K and Pre-K Applications Open 
  • Friday, March 1, 2024: 3-K and Pre-K Applications Close 
  • Tuesday, May 14, 2024: Pre-K Offer Release 
  • Thursday, May 16, 2024: 3-K Offer Release 

For more information about student enrollment, please visit

Dial A Teacher

 Dial A teacher



Have a Question about Homework?

A qualified, licensed classroom teacher is available
Monday – Thursday, 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.
when school is in session.

Call the Dial-A-Teacher Hotline at

Welcome to Dial-A-Teacher

The UFT’s award-winning Dial-a-Teacher program is a homework help line for elementary and middle school students attending New York City public schools. Students or their parents are invited to call the hotline, which is staffed by classroom teachers who are experienced in all subject areas . Dial-A-Teacher began as a pilot program in 17 elementary schools in 1980 and went citywide in 1986. Today, it is fully computerized. Teachers communicate online with students and download their assignments so they can better guide them as the students work through challenges.

Learn more »


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Armenian
  • Bengali
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Haitian-Creole
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Tagalog

SupportHub for Families

  nyc doe supporthub logo 


Visit SupportHub to browse, get answers, and request technology help.

  • Get help with technology, transportation, and more
  • For technical questions that cannot be answered in the self-serve section, there is a system that allows users to create and submit a help desk ticket. An agent will call those users back to resolve the issue.
  • Login with your NYC Schools Account or DOE Student Account to track requests for further technology help.
  • Staff can sign in with their DOE username and password.
  • SupportHub also has the first-ever DOE Education Virtual Assistant (EVA), which provides more help, and the same phone number for the Help Desk is still available (718-935-5100).

Citywide Behavioral Expectations Grades K-5

 City Behavioral contract


Discipline Code

The Discipline Code is also known as the Citywide Behavioral Expectations to Support Student Learning. It:

  • Is age-specific with one set for grades K-5 and another for grades 6-12.
  • Explains the standards for behavior in the New York City public schools.
  • Describes supports, interventions, and disciplinary responses that schools can use when students demonstrate unwelcome behavior.
  • Explains how you can appeal decisions.
  • Includes the K-12 Student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

Ensuring that every child learns in safe, supportive, and inclusive schools is our top priority. To do this, we use preventive approaches that address the real causes of a conflict as well as reinforcing positive behaviors through teachable moments. The Discipline Code outlines the standards of behavior and the responses if these standards are not met. We encourage you to become familiar with these standards and discuss them at home.

The current version of the Discipline Code includes input from principals, teachers, safety administrators, parents, students, and advocacy groups.

Parents who want to discuss supports and interventions in response to student behavior should contact their child’s school, including the Parent Coordinator, or, if necessary, the Family Support Coordinator in your District Office. Please use our get help page for guidance about the appropriate people in your school or district to reach and for information to look up their contact information.


Discipline Code (Kindergarten-Grade 5)  available in:

NYS Next Generation Learning Standards


Next Generation Learning Standards




What are the Next Generation Learning Standards?

The Next Generation Learning Standards are the educational goals for all of New York State’s students from prekindergarten through grade 12 in English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Why were the standards revised?

The standards were revised to ensure they are appropriate for students’ grade levels and reflect what students should know and be able to do in math and ELA.

When will the Next Generation Standards be implemented?

Full implementation of the NYS Next Generation Learning Standards begins during the 2022-2023 school year for prekindergarten through grade 8. The implementation timeline can be found here.

How will the standards be assessed?

While teachers assess standards daily in their classrooms, students will also be assessed on the Next Generation Learning Standards beginning in spring of 2023 on the Grades 3-8 New York State ELA and Mathematics Assessments.

How can I learn more?

You can learn more about the Next Generation ELA and Mathematics Learning Standards by talking to your child’s teacher or visiting

eChalk Notify

 echalk notify logo 



What does Notify do?

Notify takes the information posted on the website and sends it to the Notify app on the parent mobile devices.

Notify sends:

  • Emergency Alerts (to the phone’s lock screen)
  •  Feed posts
  • Calendar events

Users with the Notify app no longer have to go to the website to find critical information – it comes to them on their mobile device!


Where do users find the Notify app?

Notify can be found in the Apple App Store (for IOS devices) and the Google Play store (for Android devices). Your school or district can also add a link to the Notify app in a text block, navigation link, or header link list item.

How do users activate their Notify apps?

Anyone can download and use the Notify app. It can be used anonymously or with a login:

  • Anonymously: if users don’t have eChalk licenses, they can subscribe to your school’s alert code. In this case, users will ONLY receive Emergency Alerts posted to your homepage.
  • Username: if users have eChalk licenses, they can enter their username and password into the app. In this case, they will receive Emergency Alerts AND feed posts, calendar events (etc.) from your school, and the classes and groups that they are part of.

How do I get started?

Welcome to ACCESS HRA

 ACCESS HRA logo  

Need Help With Forms?

Need help filling out HRA forms and don’t have someone who can help? Tell an HRA Worker or call us at 718-557-1399.